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About Us

Foundation 4 Life (F4L) is a ground breaking consultancy which specializes in the training, consultation and delivery of ‘Behavioural Modification Workshops/ Programmes for young offenders or young people who are considered to be at risk of offending/ re-offending. Central to F4L is our unique team of professionally trained reformed ex-offenders/ gang members,

Young People are trained from a variety of backgrounds as qualified Peer Mentors to provide extended one to one support for other young people at risk. This is a unique feature packaged into many of our services.

The F4L Training Service delivers a range of specialist training courses for practitioners and individuals working with young offenders. As well as sourcing, vetting, training and mentoring ex-offenders/ gang members for placement in client organisation.

Foundation 4 life regularly stages Youth Events in partnership with statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations. Promoting and rewarding the positive achievements of young people as well as reinforcing the anti-knife, gun and violent crime message to our youth communities. Over the last few years F4L has built up a pool of celebrities, artists and sports people all whom advocate and regularly support our events and programmes.

Much of the organisations focus has gone into generating proper evaluation. A dedicated team has been set up to monitor, evaluate and analyse all of our provisions in order to measure and evidence the impact and effectiveness of our services, demonstrate good practice and ensure quality products development and quality assurance.

About Us