Clarifying the perception of young people through the media.


Over the last few years Foundation 4 Life has had extensive media coverage. Through our efforts on the ground we are being recognised as an expert organisation in our field, well positioned to give an insight into the issues affecting young people at risk. We have been featured on National TV, Radio, National and Local Press, Digital TV, Community Radio and Specialist Publications. Recent features have included:

  • Channel Five’s – “The Wright Stuff”
  • Channel 4’s “Disarming Britain”
  • BBC Radio 4 “The Morning Show”
  • Choice FM, LBC Radio,
  • BBC 1 “Three Minute Wonder”
  • BBC 3
  • Publications such as The Voice Newspaper, Croydon Advertiser, South London Press and many more

The media are often guilty of misrepresenting young people and over sensationalizing youth violence. Whilst we recognize that there are real issues of concern surrounding youth gangs, knives and violence which need to be addressed we always endeavour to give a balanced view when worked with the media. Our priority will always be to the young people.



Girls in Gangs, The Wright Stuff
Channel Five

Choice FM - Peace on the Streets, Interview with Whitley Sutherland

Whitley Sutherland

Whitley Sutherland