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Path Finders

Pathfinders is an exciting new project – training young people to work as Peer Mentors in a range of agencies such as local schools, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Offending Teams and Community and Voluntary sector agencies. Peer mentoring recognises that young people often want to help each other but are often not sure how to go about this.
Running in conjunction with Croydon College and Foundation 4 Life, the Pathfinders project provides an accredited and structured training programme that enables young people (Peer Mentors) to provide real and practical support to young people of the same age or younger (Peer Mentee’s).

What you can expect from us:

We have young mentors (aged 16+) trained and ready to provide help and support to your young people (aged 11-17) who face issues such being at risk of exclusion or offending, who may be experiencing bullying or be bullies themselves. It is widely recognised that mentors can play an important part in steering disaffected young people away from crime and towards re-engaging, and helps empower them to make more positive choices that will increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Young people will receive:

Regular support from a positive role model that is close to their own age
Support with issues which prevent personal growth and development
Help with identifying goals
Help with action planning and problem solving
An invitation to a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements at the end of the mentoring relationship

However, Peer Mentors don’t make decisions for young people. They may suggest options, identify consequences, or share their experiences, but they don’t tell their mentees what to do or replace professional services.
Peer mentors meet their mentees once a week in supervised premises for a minimum of three months. Our peer mentors have been carefully selected at interviews, have all completed a nine-week ASDAN accredited course and are fully CRB cleared. They adhere to a strict code of conduct and have a clear understanding of confidentiality, child protection issues, disclosure and appropriate boundaries.

We will match our peer mentors and mentees carefully, so we require a fairly detailed baseline data for referrers to complete, which is of course entirely confidential.
The peer mentors all receive further support and supervision throughout the mentoring relationship, including the opportunity to reflect on their practice.

What we would expect from you.

We need you to complete a referral form and a baseline information sheet completed for the young people you refer and we will need a suitable venue for young people to meet. We also need you to support and encourage the mentoring relationship, to give us feedback, and to let us know if there are any cancellations, or if any problems or issues arise. We’ll also ask for some help in evaluating the project, but we aim to keep this as at a minimum.

Next steps?

If you have a young person that you think would benefit and be interested in having a peer mentor and would like further information or to make a referral
please contact Foundation 4 Life on +44 208 662 4480 or email mentoring@foundation4life.co.uk (Quote Ref; Pathfinders).