Delivering crime prevention services aimed specifically at young people who are considered to be either offending or at risk of offending.


Foundation 4 Life delivers a range of behaviour a modification, crime prevention  and personal development services aimed at young people aged between ages of 8 and 25 years who are considered to be either offending or at risk of offending/ exclusions. Our services are designed to be challenging, interactive, participatory and engaging empowering young people to make informed life choices.

Our provisions are underpinned by a range of leaning techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This is combined with the real life experiences of our team of facilitators in order to challenge the attitudes of the participants. Whether delivered in a group setting or on a one tone basis all our provisions are flexible and adaptable to suit the ages, cultural background and risk levels of our beneficiaries. We work strictly on a referral basis which forms part of the initial risk assessment and consultation.

As part of our commitment to offer holistic and sustained intervention all our core provisions can be packaged with parallel parenting support, mentoring and after care service. In our pursuit of achieving best practice and quality assurance, our services under-go extensive evaluation and analysis which forms part of our service level agreements.

Foundation 4 Life also accredited and non- accredited training course and programmes designed for practitioners or frontline professionals engaged in working with young people at risk.

For information on prices and booking contact contact Foundation 4 Life on +44 208 662 4480

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