Delivering crime prevention services aimed specifically at young people who are considered to be either offending or at risk of offending.


Early Intervention and Prevention

‘CRIME PREVENTION SEMINARS’ - are primarily delivered in schools, adaptive for both small and large groups of young people. These seminars are based around improving general attitude and behaviour as well as crime prevention. Seminars incorporate personal testimonials, prison talks and photos, presentations, games, drama sketches as well as Q & A sessions.

‘CAB PROGRAMME’ - is an early intervention and prevention project, created specifically for schools targeting students who are disruptive, disengaged and hard to reach or who are at risk of exclusion. The CAB Programme is designed to support and/or be incorporated into schools' curriculum or as part of the PSHE syllabus. The programme is run over the course of a school term. This is a structured programme with up to 12 themed sessions covering Rules & Boundaries, Respecting Authority, Dealing with Adults, Bullying, Conflict Resolution and much more. The programme is monitored and measured against the schools own performance targets (using the SILS system information).

‘ONE TO ONE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY’ - is aimed at the most difficult, disruptive or hard to reach young people who may not work well in a group. We use fully trained consultants who are available to work for short, medium, and long term placements within the client group.

‘PARENT YOUNG PEOPLE MEDIATION SERVICES’ - has been delivered by F4L for the last 2 years in response to client demand. Our consultants deliver mediation sessions between the young people and their parents.

‘PATHFINDERS PEER MENTORING PROJECT’ - Run in conjunction with Croydon College. Students aged between 17 and 24 are trained as qualified peer mentors to work with vulnerable young people of similar ages.

‘SCHOOL CAROUSEL EVENT DAY’ is designed for all years within a school which allows a large number of students to be reached in a small space of time.

‘BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT WORKER PLACEMENT’ – F4L consultants are available for full time placements in clients school /youth organisations as a full time behaviour support worker alongside teachers and other staff..

New service 'STUDENT WORK RELATED LEARNING PLACEMENT'– Through the Education-Business Partnership, Foundation4Life offers schools the chance to put disaffected and disengaged students on a long term work experience placement (two days per week for three months). Students are mentored by F4L staff and gain valuable experience working alongside the team in the office and on workshops and the events. Students placed on this scheme have shown to benefit from gaining key skills, work experience, role modelling, confidence building, self esteem, motivation, realizing aspirations and interpersonal skills.

New service 'INTENSIVE EXCLUSION SUPPORT PROVISION (IESP)' Is a specialist provision for young people who are on Fixed Term or Permanent Exclusion. Referrals are deemed as un-teachable within the normal classroom environment. This could be due to a number of key reasons, including:

  • Aggressive, violent or intimidating behaviour towards staff or other pupils.
  • Persistent violation/ breaching of the school’s behaviour policy
  • Risk factors surrounding personal safety (e.g. gang rivalry)
  • Risk factors due to sexual or other inappropriate behaviour.

The provision involves 5 hours per day of intense one to one intervention with our team of specially trained consultants. Home collection and drop off. 3 hours Education Tuition (qualified teacher) + 1 hour Behaviour Therapy + 1 hour Recreational/ Positive activity (e.g. Library, Gym etc).

Each provision will be supported with an initial consultation and risk assessment, an introductory meeting, daily reports and full evaluation at the end of the provision.

For information on prices and booking contact contact Gifford Sutherland on 07961 914 239

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