Delivering crime prevention services aimed specifically at young people who are considered to be either offending or at risk of offending.


Medium to High Risk Prevention & Custody Diversion

‘THE I CAN WORKSHOP’ is an intense, hard hitting generic offending behaviour programme, targeting persistent, prolific and serious offenders. The young people usually attend as part of a supervision order set by the courts (e.g. ISSP). This covers issues such as ‘crime’, ‘consequence and prison’, ‘identity and image’, ‘anger and conflict resolution’, ‘peer pressure’, ‘victims’, ‘drugs and alcohol’ and relationships (including sexual health). Workshops involve testimonies from reformed ex-offenders and victims.

New serviceNO BAIL - This hard hitting and gritty interactive Group Workshop Event aims to bring the prison experience to you. Titled “NO BAIL”, the 3 hour event is based around Crime, Consequences and Prison. Listen to personal testimonies from ex-prisoners, watch an eye-opening interactive presentation from an HMP Prison Officer, as well as Prison Photographs and a DVD Documentary interviewing young inmates serving in HMPYOI Feltham. There is also facilitated group debates and much, much more.

‘ONE TO ONE CLINIC’ - is a surgery style clinic designed for Youth Offending Teams which incorporates a series of 30-45 minute one to one slots shared between YOT workers and their young people.

New service'GIRLS ONLY’ is a group work programme designed specifically for young women at risk of involvement in serious crime and /or affiliated with gangs. This specialist programme is delivered by a team of female facilitators covering key issues such as sexual exploitation, image, identity, violence, sexual health and much more…,

‘GUNS, GANGS AND WEAPONS PROGRAMME’ is ground breaking. This intense programme is aimed at young people with gun/ knife related offences or considered to be in gang culture or gun/ knife related activity. The package incorporates a six week workshop, followed by an outreach peer mentoring placement scheme and staff training support for client. The group workshop brings together prisoners working out on Licence, reformed ex-offenders/ perpetrators of gun and knife crime, reformed ex-gang leaders, victims and their families including “Mothers against Guns and the police including ‘Operation Trident’. This incorporates personal testimonies, group debates, drama role play, and coping strategies.

‘PROBLEMATIC DRUGS AND ALCAHOL USE WORKSHOP’ is aimed at young people with drug/ alcohol related offending or problematic behavioural problems related to drugs and alcohol.

ANGER MANAGEMENT AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION WORKSHOP’ is aimed at young people with anger problems or anger related offending. Based around cognitive behavioural therapy, this incorporates personal testimonies, group debates, drama role play, and coping strategies.

NB – For all programmes, a PEER MENTORING SERVICE can be packaged in, so that each attendee is assigned a designated mentor to work one on one following the core programme for an additional 12 weeks.

For information on prices and booking contact contact Gifford Sutherland on 07961 914 239

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