Deterring young people from crime by empowering them to explore, understand, challenge and

Meet The Team

Profile pic of Denzle

Denzle Howell, Director

Is responsible for sourcing, vetting, training and deploying our unique team of ex offenders/gangs members and peer mentors ...

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Paul Zurcher

Paul Zurcher, Director

Has an extensive background in sales, marketing, partnership / business development, coupled ...

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Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson, Special Projects & Mentoring Coordinator

My name is Karen Anderson and I am the mentoring co-ordinator for the ‘Pathfinders’ course.

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James McGregor

James McGregor, Evaluation Analyst

My name is James McGregor and I am the ‘Evaluation Analyst’ for ‘Foundation 4 Life’.

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Tanya Graham

Tanya Graham, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Tanya. I joined ‘Foundation 4 Life’ shortly after moving down from Birmingham to London.

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Winsome Duncan, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Winsome Duncan a.k.a. ‘Lyrical Healer’. As well as being a performance poet I am a singer/ songwriter.

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Kishma Crabbe

Kishma Crabbe, Peer Mentor

My name is Kishma and I am a peer mentor for ‘Foundation 4 Life’.

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Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Mark Valentine, I am a behavioural consultant studying mentoring and teaching assistant NVQ’s.

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Whitley Sutherland

Whitley Sutherland, Peer Mentor

Baffour Adekoda

Baffour Adekoda aka Brags

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones, Peer Mentor

Kelechi Njmanz

Kelechi Njmanz (aka Hoodlum), Behavioural Consultant

Lonnie Osafu-Adjae

Lonnie Osafu-Adjae (aka Striver), Behavioural Consultant

Profile pic of Michael

Michael Sutherland, Behavioural Consultant

Sean Wallen

Sean Wallen, Behavioural Consultant

Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon, Behavioural Consultant

Louise Worrall

Roxie Osman, Peer Mentor

Tyrone West

Tyrone West, Behavioural Consultant

Noni Osman

Noni Osman, Peer Mentor

Raymond Milton

Raymond Milton, Behavioural Consultant

Gifford Sutherland

Gifford Sutherland, Director

Champions the Business Development, Marketing and PR, as well as building alliances and partnerships with other key organizations within the industry.

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Emma Stoter

Emma Stoter, PA Administrator

I am the ‘Personal Assistant’ for the directors of ‘Foundation 4 Life’.

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Chris Syrus

Chris Syrus, Events Manager

My name is Christopher Syrus. I am the ‘Events Manager’ for ‘Foundation 4 Life’.

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Sherica Spence

Sherica Spence, Events Administrator
& Behaviourial Consultant


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Neville Williams

Neville Williams, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Neville and I am an ex-gang member who spent a number of years in Harlem, America.

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Bodonna Marratt

Bodonna Marratt, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Bodonna. I joined ‘Foundation 4 Life’ as one of the original staff.

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Isha Nembhard

Isha Nembhard, Behavioural Consultant

My name is Isha and I am 20 years old. I am a behavioural consultant that graduated from being a peer mentor.

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Dean Francis

Dean Francis (aka Hollywood), Behavioural Consultant

I am an enthusiastic person who loves to help young people.

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Urmina Akhtar

Urmina Akhtar, Behavioural Consultant

I am a very keen Team Member, with the attitude to help young people be accepted in society.

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Andre Nicholas

Andre Nicholas, Behavioural Consultant

Cherice Townsend

Cherice Townsend, Behavioural Consultant

George Damola

George Damola, Behavioural Consultant

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson, Behavioural Consultant

Lewis Walters

Lewis Walters, Behavioural Consultant

Louise Worrall

Louise Worrall, Behavioural Consultant

Patrick Asante

Patrick Asante (aka Likle), Nu Brand Flexx

Daniel Whyte

Daniel Whyte, Behavioural Consultant

Louise Worrall

Donovan Vitalis, Behavioural Consultant

Keiron Linton

Keiron Linton, Behavioural Consultant