Deterring young people from crime by empowering them to explore, understand, challenge and

Denzle Howell , Director

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Denzle is responsible for sourcing, vetting, training and deploying our unique team of ex offenders/gangs members and peer mentors as well as developing new programmes, services and quality control.

Denzle was a former recording artist and record producer with his own record label, Denzle is a well known community figure who has worked with young people for over 10 years. He is a reformed ex-offender who has served 3 prison sentences. Having turned his life around, Denzle has gained numerous qualifications in youth work, child protection, first aid, community sports leaders, group facilitation, anger management, and enhanced thinking skills. Denzle was former lead coordinator for the Coldingley Crime Diversion Scheme and has worked with many community street projects.

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