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James McGregor, Evaluation Analyst

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My name is James McGregor and I am the ‘Evaluation Analyst’ for ‘Foundation 4 Life’. My main responsibility is to monitor and evaluate the all behavioural modification work, staff and events for Foundation 4 Life. This information is then used to produce reports, containing accurate statistical information and graphs which in turn is fed back to the client to show the high level of success of the work carried out by our facilitators.

As an ‘Evaluation Analyst’ I am able to record measurable outcomes to indicate the level of success of which Foundation 4 Life are responsible for. I am also able to offer information which leads to the ongoing development of the new programmes which are available to our clients.

I am a very keen learner and I am always finding ways to improve my skills. Foundation 4 Life are investors in people and have fully supported me in the process of receiving the following qualifications:

  •         CSAS Monitoring and Evaluation
  •          CVA Measuring Your Social Impact
  •         Salesforce CRM Administration Course
  •          NVQ Level 2 Business Administration
  •          City & Guilds Level 1 Computerised Accounts
  •          NVQ Level 2 Accountancy

As from September 2009 I will commence training in:

  •         NVQ Level 2 Customer Service
  •          NVQ Level 3 Business Administration
  •          NVQ Level 3 Accountancy
  •         City & Guilds Level 2 Computerised Accounts
  •          City & Guilds Level 3 Computerised Accounts

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