Offering a range of training courses for any adult working with young people in a professional way.


Foundation 4 Life offers a range of training courses for any adult working with young people in a professional way. We run a series of standard courses as well as individually tailored courses to meet specific needs. Some courses are accredited with the Open College Network and workers gain certification at level 2 or 3 on completion.


What’s your problem? Foundation 4 Life offer a professional consultation service drawing on our years of experience in delivering Offending Behaviour Services. Suitable for organisations and practitioners working directly with young people who wish to develop professional and personal skills and resources to deal with disaffected YP. Tell us what the issue is and we will design an intervention to meet your needs.

Pre-workshop consultation is a pre-requisite for all F4L programmes as is our post workshop evaluation and debrief.

Bespoke Training

Specially designed training to meet the development needs of your organisation. Our continued, on-going innovation and research working with young people at risk of offending enables Foundation 4 Life to design creative training solutions for your staff.

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Group Facilitation Training

This course is for trainers, group workers, mentors and facilitators who already have some experience in delivering intervention work with young people who wish to run or support group workshops in understanding the basic framework and techniques required to organize and run a group workshop involving young people. Identifying realistic and relevant learning outcomes, and designing a programme appropriate to the needs of your client group, examining the use of questioning in order to promote inquiry and self reflection.

- exploring safety, responsibility, choice and permission as they apply to your work as a facilitator.

Course includes:

  • Understanding group work dynamics
  • Basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Setting rules and boundaries
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Psycho Drama Therapy (drama sketches, mask)
  • One to one work and feeding back to the group
  • Questioning and processing
  • Dealing with non-engagement
  • Mediating and conflict within the group
  • Closing the group effectively.

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An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Mediation

Designed for practitioners, teachers and support staff working with young people. This course provides an introduction to the principles and tools of mediation practice.

Aims: To explore how you can use the mediation approach in your everyday work with young people.

Course includes:

  • Understand more about peer mediation, explore how you can best support young peer mediators or conflict workers in their role   
  • Exploring possible obstacles and challenges and how to overcome them
  • Best practice monitoring and evaluation procedures.

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Basics in Cognitive Therapy Techniques

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) is widely recognized by the youth service and underpin much of the methods used to explore offending behaviour in both young people and adults. This course is aimed at practitioners, teachers and support staff working with young people.

This course provides a foundation in the use of CBT techniques for use in group work and one to one activity with young people.

Course includes:

  • Understanding cognitive deficits of antisocial behaviour
  • Values and beliefs
  • Consequential thinking models
  • Problem Solving Steps Model
  • Social Skills and Development
  • Managing Emotions
  • Social Perspective Taking.

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First Aid Training  – St John Ambulance

Gain a foundation in basic first aid practice:

Course includes:

  • Managing an incident
  • Looking after yourself and the casualty
  • Performing basic CPS resuscitation
  • Treatment of choking in adults
  • Treatment of severe bleeding and chest pains
  • Treatment of an unconscious casual.

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Healthy Living Course (OCN Level 1 & 2)

Foundation course in understanding about healthy living and lifestyle for young people:

The course includes:

  • Personal Fitness
  • Understanding about personal hygiene
  • Dieting and obesity
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse and Smoking
  • Hep-C and HIV.

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Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course (OCN Level 1 & 2)

Training to teach YP about drug and alcohol missues and the impact on the individual and society:

The course includes:

  • Drugs classfication and the law
  • Different types of drugs
  • Alcohol types
  • Alcohol and its effects.

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Control & Restraint / Safe Holding Techniques, Level 3

This course aims to equip delegates to deal with highly aggressive young people who because of the risks posed to either themselves or others need to be restrained for safety reasons. It is a practical course, which requires active involvement of all delegates. A high emphasis is placed on health & safety from both a legislative point of view and of the delegates own safety during the course.
By the end of the course those attending will have been helped to:

  • Understand the legal framework surrounding control & restraint.
  • Be able to assess when to apply restraint and which technique to use in any given situation and recognise the importance of continuous communication throughout the restraining process.
  • Learn Basic Break-hold techniques.
  • Know what are considered to be unsafe methods of restraint and why they are unsafe.
  • Be able to work as part of a team in order to apply the most safe and effective restraint.  

Duration of course: Two days
(A 1-day course is available as an update for those delegates who have previously completed the 2 day course).
Number of delegates places: Maximum 16
Trainers: 2
A booklet regarding safe use of control & restraint is issued to all attending courses A certificate of attendance is issued to all attending the course.

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Future Training Courses

Foundation 4 Life is currently working with strategic partners and will be extending their training offering to include music production, video production, video editing, radio presenting and graphic design.

Practitioner Recruitment Services
Foundation 4 Life source, vet, train and mentor reformed ex-offenders /gang leaders who are made available for outreach placement at client establishments for mentoring services.

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