Whatever you fear most has no power - it is your fear that has the power. - Oprah Winfrey


Central to the work Foundation 4 Life deliver is the use of victim testimony. When used in a group work environment this has a massive impact on the recipient.

We work in partnership with organisations such as Mothers Against Guns and Starr as well as countless other individuals who recognise the need to tell their "story".

For the perpetrators of crime they are able to hear first hand "live" how their behaviour has impacted others.

For the victims it is a means of cleansing their souls of the dispair and anguish they carry.

Do you have a story to tell? Be the change you want to see and get involved.

Remembering Those Past

A Powerpoint Slideshow in memory of lives lost to gun and knife crime.

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STARR Project

STARR Homicide was established in March 2003 by Bhupinder Iffat Rizvi in memory of her daughter Sabina.

STARR's aims and objectives:

  • To raise awareness regarding the availability of guns and the consequences of carrying and using them
  • To raise awareness of the painful impact on victimized families who suffer death or injuries as a result of gun crimes
  • To ensure that the Criminal Justice System is responding to the needs of the victims and their families, including advocating legal representations for these families at court
  • To inform and support victims and their families by developing self help and network initiative
  • To eliminate the use of guns and firearms in society and support all victims, regardless of race, nationality or ethnic origin, of gun crimes including their quest for justice.

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Mothers Against Guns

Croydon Education Business Partnership

Marcia Shakespeare, the mother of Letisha Shakespeare, 17, and Beverley Thomas, the mother of Charlene Ellis, 18, the two college friends who were shot in a crossfire while celebrating New Year in Aston, Birmingham.

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Tony - (Anthony Thomas)

NB: Voluntary partnership – Foundation 4 Life

Tony Thomas's son, Adrian Thomas is currently serving twenty-seven years in prison for his part in the murder of a sixteen year old school girl in 2005. A father of 4, and grand parent, Tony has been campaigning for, and working towards, community mobilisation to prevent youth violence and to create safer communities since his son's incarceration, and is one of the founder members of RISE LEADERSHIP, a community based social enterprise programme of leadership from within our communities that works with adults and parents/carers and involves working with young people at grassroots level in the process of change within our communities.
He is also on the committee of STARR, an organisation that supports families of victims of violent crime, which was set up by parents and carers who have lost loved ones.
Tony's son who was 18 at the time of the incident, was the leader of a gang of six young men aged between 18 and twenty-four who, amongst them, were responsible for abusing two girls aged 16 and 18, and subsequently shooting one girl who survived from her injuries, and killing the other with a knife as a result of dealing in drugs.
As a father, and not living at home with his children, Tony had concerns for his son prior to his son's involvement in violent crime and the world of drugs, and he has been working ever since on crime prevention and its intervention. Tony also believes that the parenting and education of children and young people extends beyond actual parental responsibility, and that communities and their environments are also important factors in crime/violence prevention and education.
He says that; 'Change can only happen when people believe that the end result is worth the effort' and that 'every effort should be made in raising young people and giving them a sense of pride, self worth and responsibility, not only for themselves and their peers, but also as members of society.'
Tony Thomas works with communities and community members and in partnership with those affected by crime and statutory organisations such as the police, youth services, housing providers, schools, and is a member of the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel in Larkhall, South London, where he resides.

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Charlene Ellis(L) and Letisha Shakespeare(R)
Marcia Shakespeare and Beverley Thomas

Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas

Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas