Whether it's boosting marketing efficiency or analyzing real estate trends, AI has a range of applications that bolster any real estate organization. Among them are chatbots that automate customer service, promptly answering common queries and scheduling appointments. AI Resources and Listings also enable real estate agents to focus on more strategic tasks and improve their workflows. Another popular application is natural language processing (NLP), which helps businesses better understand and analyze text data. It can be especially helpful when it comes to real estate listings, where descriptive content is key to attracting potential clients. How is AI being used in real estate? Another useful AI tool is a property valuation model. These models can help realtors price properties based on market trends, comparable sales, and specific features of the property. This can save realtors time and resources, as well as give them a competitive edge when it comes to selling homes. Some property valuation models are even more accurate than the popular Zillow Zestimate. In addition, generative AI tools can be used to create listing descriptions for vacant land. These tools can analyze images or videos of the property and identify its key selling points to generate more effective and appealing listing descriptions that can attract more buyers. These tools can also make the process of identifying prospective buyers much easier for real estate agents by analyzing online searches and other relevant information. This can make the difference between a qualified lead and a missed opportunity.