You have bought a brand new laptop sleeve 12 inch, spent hours installing your most essentials apps and software, and you finally have it up and running. Now you want to take it with you, to your office, uni or a cafe, but you don’t want to carry it around in one of those heavy and bulky laptop bags, as that would not be appropriate for your business outfit. This is where a sleeve comes in handy. Stylish Shield: Exploring the Diversity of Laptop Sleeves Laptop sleeves are small bags that are designed to fit around your laptop, and they offer a sleek and slim style while providing additional protection from bumps, scratches and spillage. They are often used in addition to another bag or as an extra safety measure within a briefcase or backpack. Most sleeves are made from a variety of materials, but neoprene is the most traditional and common option. Neoprene is thicker than most other materials and has a sponge-like texture, so it offers more protection. Leather and PU leather are also popular, and they offer a sleeker and more sophisticated look. Vegan PU leather is increasingly being offered as well, and it has the advantage of being completely animal-free. Sleeves can be purchased from a wide range of shops and online stores, including some that specialize in selling them with a custom logo or design. You can also find companies that sell stock standard sleeves in a range of sizes, and they will usually have a selection of colors available to choose from.