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waterproof mattress cover

Whether you have kids, pets or are dealing with night sweats, spills or stains, a waterproof mattress cover is essential. Besides protecting your bed from liquids and odors, it can also help keep your mattress clean and fresh while extending the life of the mattress. If you’re shopping for a new protector that balances comfort with durability, look no further than this top-rated pick from Coop Home Goods. This model uses the company’s own Lulltra fabric, which is breathable, soft and silent, while offering protection against liquid spills and sweat.

Sleep with Peace of Mind: Exploring the Features and Advantages of Waterproof Mattress Covers

The quilted cover is made from a blend of HDPE and polyester, which encases a layer of fabric that uses Outlast technology (a Certified Space Technology) to regulate temperature and moisture levels. Our testers found the material very comfortable and soft to the touch, while still feeling durable and holding up to washings.

While most waterproof mattress covers have a crinkly, plastic feel, this one is soft and smooth to the touch and doesn’t make any noise while sleeping. This is largely due to its partial bamboo construction, which is also breathable and helps the protector stay cool and quiet.

Another great feature of this protector is its thin sides, which further aids breathability and allows you to sleep closer to the original feel of your mattress. Its 100% cotton terry top also helps absorb and evaporate your sweat during hot summer nights, while keeping the surface of the protector soft and quiet.

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