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car parking shades suppliers dubai

There are many reasons to install a car parking shade. Not only is it an efficient way to protect your vehicle from the sun, but it also improves the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you’re in the UAE or anywhere else in the Middle East, car parking shades suppliers Dubai can improve the look and feel of your vehicle. These car shades are typically made of a steel framework and a roof covering material. Options include PTFE, HDPE, and PVC.

Car Parking Shades in Dubai: Types & Where to Buy Them

If you have an open space on your property, you can open your car’s windows to allow some air in. However, this method can be inconvenient and may even lead to vandalism. It’s best to use a car shade, which blocks sunlight while also preventing heat buildup. Moreover, these car shades are available at affordable prices, so they’re an ideal option for any location.

These car parking shades are made of good quality fabric. The PVC material is completely waterproof, so it protects your vehicle against extreme temperatures. However, knit fabric doesn’t have this feature and can damage your vehicle if it gets wet. For maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays, choose car parking shades made of PTFE. Mahler is a German manufacturer and provides a ten-year warranty on the steel and fabric.

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