My Go-To Mixers are a wonderful invention for those that need to have a single gadget for all of their mixing needs. There are so many uses for these handy little gadgets, and they are becoming very popular. I have used these myself and they really do help you out a lot. This is because they offer so much in one unit that the only drawback that I have experienced with them is when they get old. As with any product you use every day, you will notice that as time goes on it will seem like it is slowly wearing out and that the features that were used years ago are being left behind. My Go-To Mixers With technology, this is something that can be done. I used to be very resistant to new technology like this, but once I started using one of these my mind was changed. I did some research into them and was surprised to find that there are many different ones out there. These are all designed to work with all different types of mixing media and will come in different price ranges as well. The one I have recently bought was about $100 and that is an excellent price. This is a great deal because it allows me to mix two or three different kinds of music with the same device.   My Go-To Mixers are a wonderful invention. You can use them to mix music for parties, to mix with your other gadgets, and to mix with your favorite audio sources. There are so many different options with these little units and they are very versatile. When you use a mixer that comes with a CD/DVD reader, you are able to keep your music collection safe and sound wherever you happen to be at any given time. You can have unlimited music on your computer and even play some of your own music with My Go-To Mixers.