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Juicing is a fun way to add delicious fruits and vegetables to your diet. But when choosing a juicer, it is important to consider who will be using it, what ingredients you are going to be juicing and how much time you want to spend prepping your produce.

While masticating slow pressed juicer (often called slow juicers) tend to be more expensive, they are generally considered to be better value than centrifugal models as they extract higher quality juice with fewer nutrients lost. However, the differences in yield between types of juicers are often exaggerated and vary from ingredient to ingredient.

Savor Every Drop: The Art and Science Behind Slow Pressed Juicers

When deciding on which slow juicer to buy, it is best to consider what ingredients you plan to use regularly and how much time you want to spend prepping. The size of the feed tube will also affect how much prep work you have to do – the larger the feed tube the less chopping you will need to do.

Our top pick is the Hurom HP, a large and powerful juicer that has a large feed tube and requires minimal chopping prior to juicing. During Lab testing, this model produced juice with a great flavor and minimal pulp and foam and was particularly impressive when making low-moisture ingredients like celery or kale.

The Omega JC2022GY11 is another top performer that is easy to put together, clean and store. This model has a huge hopper so you can fill it and then leave the machine to self-feed which is ideal for batch juicing for meal prep. It is also easy to handle and has a 60-second memory feature that makes it easier to operate.

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