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building tennis court

If you want to have a building tennis court, there are many things to consider. There are the basic costs of building the court itself as well as the accessories that you may want to include. These accessories can include everything from nighttime lighting to permanent nets, and they can add up quickly. It’s important to decide what you want from your court before you begin so that you can keep the cost down and avoid expensive mistakes.

First, you’ll need to determine the amount of space needed. A standard-size tennis court is 60′ x 120′ and requires some space around it for fencing and other features. Next, you’ll need to remove any obstacles in the area. That could mean ripping out a tree, leveling the ground or simply mowing and removing the grass. Once the site is ready, you’ll need to lay down a foundation for the court surface. A professional can advise you on the best type of foundation for your area and climate.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home Tennis Court: From Planning to Play

Once the foundation is laid, you’ll be able to start building your court. It’s best to hire a professional for this step because they can ensure that the work is done properly and that your court will be long-lasting. The first layer of the court is usually made from concrete or asphalt. Concrete is typically more expensive but will last longer than asphalt.

A good contractor will also take the time to ensure that your court has proper slope and drainage. This is crucial to preventing water from pooling on the court and ruining it.

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