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Keyword the foundation of your content strategy. It helps you to understand who your customers are and how they search for what you offer. Choosing keywords for your building materials products and services requires a deep understanding of what your audience is searching for and how they describe it. This can be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s the only way to create content that is relevant to your business.

Start by brainstorming the concepts, words and phrases that are associated with your product or service. This can be done through a variety of means, including talking with your customers, participating in forums and community groups, or using a tool such as Power Thesaurus. This is a great tool because it offers synonyms and related words, which expand your options.

Keyword Research Strategies: How to Find and Use the Right Keywords for Your Content

Once you’ve compiled a list of possible keywords, sort them by monthly search volume to see which ones have the most value and opportunity. Aim for keywords that have a high search volume, but not so high that it’s competitive. For example, the head keyword for “tile” might have a higher search volume than the long-tail keyword, “installing tile,” but the latter is much more specific and likely to drive relevant traffic.

When writing SEO content, use your chosen keyword in the title of the article and then incorporate it throughout the piece. You’ll also want to include secondary keywords that are closely related to the primary keyword and support its focus. For example, if your keyword is “nft marketplace”, users who are looking for this information are likely to be informational in intent, while those seeking to purchase are more likely to have navigational or transactional intent.

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