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A leather journal is an excellent way to capture your thoughts creatively. It gives the impression of sophistication and timelessness that other journals don’t possess, and the leather feels soft and smooth in your hands. They are also more durable than paper or cloth, and can withstand a lot of use.


The 252 pages of this journal are made from thick, natural 115gsm craft paper. They are lightly textured, so they can handle all types of pen including fountain pens (although the tips may get clogged on the rougher paper), and they aren’t prone to bleeding through like many other papers. They are ideal for anyone who wants to write or sketch on a regular basis, as well as those who want to keep an archive of their work.

Timeless Elegance: Discovering the Beauty of Leather Journals

After deciding how many sheets you wish to have in your journal, you should divide them into signatures (unit of folded pages that will be stitched together). It is best to sew these using a needle and strong thread that matches the colour of your leather cover. Start with the last page of the first signature and work backwards.

To finish your journal, add the’male’ half of a press stud to the point of the leather flap (using awl again) and sew it to the remaining leather strip. Now place an old birthday card or other scrap piece of thin card under 1 or 2 journal pages, to protect the rest of the pages from glue. Spread some PVA type glue on the remaining cover strip and wrap it tightly around your journal.

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