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Make your own pickles, salsa and more with the Mrs. Wages Pickling & Canning Salt. This high-purity salt produces a sparkling clear brine and is specifically designed for food canning. It is Kosher approved and has no iodine or other additives. It is important to use the right salt when canning as the amount of salt in a pickle or sauerkraut affects its taste and can also impact safety. When making fermented sauerkraut and pickles, the salt helps preserve the product by encouraging the growth of certain bacteria while inhibiting others. This is different from canning tomatoes, vegetables, meats and seafood where the salt is used for flavor and to help retain color but does not contribute to preservation.

This package contains natural herbs and spices for a peppery dill pickle flavor. This Quick Process pack requires a boiling water bath canning method and will be ready to eat in 24 hours. Each package makes 7 quarts of crisp, crunchy pickles – the best price and quality value in canning!

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