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“The Australian Consumer Guide to Business Sale In Sydney – A Summary” by Paul Sheppard, R.S. (Chamford-Turner), portrays various methods of doing business in Australia’s financial hub. The book is not only a good reference for those who are contemplating doing business in Australia, but also for potential business owners who might be considering investing in the country.


Review of the Australian Consumer Guide to Business Sale In Sydney

The author presents a short history of business sale in Sydney. It reveals the different types of businesses that have operated in the area, their products and services as well as their reasons for being established. It also provides details of how to locate a good business to buy. One helpful aspect of this book is that it provides a glossary of terms. As well, the Australian Consumer Guide to Business Sale In Sydney provides information on the taxation implications of business sale in Sydney.


Businesses can raise funds from banks in a number of ways. Banks are generally interested in certain criteria such as credit worthiness, the business’s ability to generate profit and the stability of its accounting records. This guide offers advice on how to prepare business proposals, bank proposals, business plans and business operations. It also gives a detailed account of borrowing requirements from banks and other lending institutions. The book includes detailed accounts of business assets and liabilities.

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