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Frequent business travelers want to know what they can expect on their next trip. They need clear, easy-to-understand data that explains performance at a glance so they can take action and identify opportunities for growth. A powerful booking app combined with predictive insights will allow them to experiment, anticipate supplier challenges, and deliver an experience that makes their travel work better for their company.read more

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Smart Choices Frequent Business Travelers

The majority of frequent business travelers in our study act with the company’s best interests in mind. They fly on preferred airlines, stay in corporate hotels and carefully observe meal per diems. These “Policy Followers” are responsible, and they’re often rewarded for their behavior by companies that prioritize online tools, clear policies, and budget visibility. Despite their efforts to be cost-conscious, these travelers still prefer to upgrade to business class flights and to choose hotel rooms with premium amenities. While many of these frequent business travelers act responsibly, a subset, called “Jet-Setter Jeremys” are three times more likely to agree that expense reports are time consuming and don’t see the point (31% vs. 27% overall). They’re also more likely to charge rideshare services, music subscriptions and Amazon purchases on their business credit card. This can create a real headache for travel managers and accounting departments when they’re trying to keep spend in check. This is where predictive insights can help by identifying if there’s a pattern of behavior that could signal an upcoming budget challenge.

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