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“Jose Torres Tattoo” is a tattoo artist with thirty-five years’ experience who has been tattooing in Fort Bragg since 1983. He is also a master painter with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. ” Jose Torres Tattoo” has a studio in downtown Fayetteville NC. He is open most weekdays to walk in customers, and on weekends he is open every day to the public for custom tattoo designs.

The Best Tattoo Shop In Town

“Jose’s” tattoo shop specializes in all types of tattoos. This includes small and large tattoos. Many of his tattoos are made with various types of colored stones and metals. Some of his most popular pieces are fire, tribal, marine, Celtic, and flower tattoos.

If you are in search of the best tattoo artist in fayetteville NC be sure to visit them both” Jose Torres Tattoo” and” Jose’s Tattoo”. These two shops are the absolute best when it comes to tattoos. They have professional tattoo artists who will help you make an amazing design. Also they are the only ones in the entire area that have been personally trained by two masters tattoo artists who are famous around the world.

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