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tiktok agency uk

TikTok is a swiftly-growing platform that offers brands an opportunity to connect with Gen Z and millennial audiences. The right tiktok agency UK will have the experience to help your business harness this space and grow your audience. They will also understand the platform’s nuances and best practices to drive performance on TikTok, including how to optimize creative for the platform’s algorithm.

A good tiktok agency will be able to advise on the strategic planning and full execution of marketing campaigns on the platform, from ideation through to campaign management. Their team should be able to produce actionable content with influencers, and provide a comprehensive report that highlights key campaign results. They will also have a strong understanding of the platform’s rules and guidelines, to avoid account suspension.

Inbeat Agency – United States

inBeat Agency blends paid media with micro-influencer marketing to create powerful TikTok campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Their unique process involves building ideal customer personas to discover opportunities and uncover the best tactics for each brand. They use this data to create campaigns that are custom for each client, and they’ve worked with brands like Nordstrom, Linktree, Hopper, and more.

The badged Agency category is meant to recognize media agencies that specialize in driving performance on the TikTok platform, including a deep expertise in media buying, influencer, video, and creative. These agencies are able to leverage their specialized knowledge to help advertisers across their entire business funnel, from upper-funnel awareness and site traffic to lower-funnel conversions and e-commerce sales.

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