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“Fire Extinguisher Inspection, NYC” is a useful website that provides a comprehensive overview of fire prevention equipment. It has a great deal of information about fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment. To get a complete overview of your fire protection needs, visit “Fire Extinguisher Inspection NYC”.

Useful website | Business Fire Safety & Maintenance of Equipment

“Fire Extinguisher Inspections NYC” is the name of the company. “We provide professional fire service and re-charges all New York City fire departments.” The professional Fire Service in New York has been accredited by the NY State Fire Marshall to conduct comprehensive fire safety inspections, as well as professional fire safety assessments.


“Professional Fire Safety Inspections New York City” is an independent fire service. “Our goal is to provide accurate, current information and advice for any type of fire safety needs, whether that be residential commercial or industrial. Our expertise is in providing our customers with information about their safety requirements, the most effective ways to meet these needs and advice on making educated decisions for the protection of their family, business and assets.” The Professional Fire Service in New York, has been in business for over 25 years. The Professional Fire Service in New York, was established by a group of New York City firefighters who dedicated themselves to providing their services to the residents and businesses of New York.

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