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The most popular water based cbd products on the market today are oil-based tinctures. They’re easy to use and offer great value for the consumer, but they have one major problem: they aren’t very well absorbed. This is due to a process in the body called first pass metabolism, which breaks down fat molecules before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The result is that a full dose of CBD oil may take hours to reach your bloodstream, and the effects are often delayed as well.

Innovations in CBD: The Advantages of Water-Based Formulations

The good news is that there’s a way to increase the bioavailability of CBD oils, and it’s called emulsification. This method reduces the oils in a CBD solution to very small droplets that are protected by an emulsifier, and then the solution is mixed with water. The resulting mixture is then tested for particle size, stability, and homogeneity before it can be used in products like tinctures and edibles.

By making CBD oil water soluble, manufacturers can create a wide range of new product formats. Pre-mixed drinks like bottled waters are ideal targets, but the technology can also be used in drink powders that consumers mix themselves. CBD powders can be flavored with fruity flavors to appeal to a broad audience, and they are much easier for customers to store and transport than a bulky jar of tincture. A reputable CBD white-label manufacturer should be able to work with you to design and produce a water-soluble formulation that meets your needs.

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